while waiting for spring... 1.Little garden -Tokujin Yoshioka for Moroso .I like the idea of drinking morning coffee with lavanda bush under the table
2.Chlorophylle by Racine Carrè. Lovely space saving solution for aromatic herbs if you have small kitchen as I do.
3.Tratturo by Lorenzo Palmeri .Actually it's a seasonal clock,the buckets are made to plant in sequence flowers and plants of the four seasons.
4.Grobal-self watering pots-this would solve most of problems my plant's have.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Ciao Kris, belle queste proposte di giardinaggio "innovativo",
    anch'io sono impaziente che arrivi la primavera, non vedo l'ora di vedere le mie piantine rifiorire...
    un saluto e un buon week end anche a te...

  2. kris

    Gr8 concepts !
    lovely idea of bringing the summer fun close to oneself.

  3. i love these modern outdoor planters. my parents are always pushing the boring, traditional looking stuff on me when i keep telling them my taste leans more towards these types of accessories. they're so cheery and cute.

  4. Hi there - a colour diary - what a great concept...love the palettes you construct from your postings! great read...Richy

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