Fragile soul...of mushrooms

After discovering that few of my mushrooms arrived at their new homes broken, I decide I'll not sell them online anymore.Probably they don't like long trips so they end up hurting themselves in some stupid way (I'm sure it has nothing to do with thougthful postmen, I can just imagine how carfully and lovingly they treat our parcels)
There are four mushrooms left if you are interested, I promise I will test packaging in a very aggressive way!

p.s. 2010 Calendar is on sale now


  1. Oh I am sad to hear this. I love your I have rushed over to your shop and bought the splendid purple one. I hope it makes it to London.

  2. Oh NOOOOOooooOOOO!! Our plans to collect a whole forest of mushrooms is scuppered! :(

    I hope you will still make some for private collectors in the future - they are too special not to!? ;)

    p.s. Your parcel is on it's way to you tomorrow... so sorry I have been so slow - I've been sick with dreaded swine flu.

    p.p.s Ryan's Mum, Jacki, bought us another mushroom for Christmas and we love it so! Can't wait to unite the two very soon {one is in Glasgow, the other Belfast!}...I think they will be very happy together though will certainly need more chums soon ;)

  3. That's unfortunate. They are very pretty. Hope you keep making them for local sales.

  4. Hello, My name is Laetitia, I am a French designer of accessories living in France. I discover your lovely blog and I am very found of your work.
    I love your lovely pictures of petals evoking the gondolas of Venice (I've been in Venice in november). I've mentioned you on my blog...
    Bravo ! Have a good day

  5. Great idea Abigail and Ryan,thank you!Mushrooms will be available for private collectors
    and will have their own blog soon!
    Thank you all mushroom-fans!