Aromatic garden

I wanted to get rid of this dish rack for I'm so happy I didn't... it's the perfect place for basilico, timo, origano, salvia, melissa and even a small strawberry - I can't wait until it turns red.
Now I can have aromatherapy while washing the dishes :)))
p.s.I planted some cherry tomatos and chili peppers on my small balcony. I hope they will grow well, I have never tried to grow vegetables in pots, have you?


  1. I am in the process of filling my hom and garden with aromatic plants. I am so inspired by your pictures!

    I am a notorious plant killer and I have managed to grow tomatoes and chilli in pots. They were great.

  2. Oh that's so encouraging,thanks a lot :)))

  3. Just make sure you give the tomatoes a lot of soil, as they suck up the nutrients quickly and drain the soil. I've grown tomatoes in pots, but they only seem to be happy when the pots are quite large. Chilis are much easier!

    I love your photos of your herbs! What a wonderful idea to use the kitchen shelf for herbs!!

  4. your blog is lovely ....
    muxus y biquiños

  5. Shari thanks a lot for the advice!
    Thank you luf :)))

  6. lovely blog! really wana folow you!