in the mood for ...

yellow vintage dress and yellow beads all around, I wish you a great weekend!


  1. Ohhhhhh...your blog is really beautiful!!!!
    I love the way you mix the´s so pretty!
    Congratulations for your talent!!!
    Kisses from Spain!!!

  2. Your blog is always such an incredible source of inspiration!
    I have given you an award, if you are so inclined:

    Thank you for everything you do.
    I often look at your palettes and think how beautiful they would be either for a scrapbook page or a crochet project.

    Greetings from Chicago~

  3. Yellow is my favorite!
    .. and your pictures!

  4. Beautiful!! Congratulations on your shout out on sfgirlbybay today:
    Hope you are having a beautiful summer! xoxo Samantha

  5. Wonderful ideas! And really nice pictures! I love your blog

    xoxo from deep cleaning

  6. How did you get the wonderfully large pictures, did you spend hours customizing your blogger blog? I love your blog, by the way although I haven't visited in a while...god, colour! It makes life worthwhile, doesn't it?

  7. Hi Karina--
    I love your blog & have made it my home page for over a year because the colors always make me smile & it's simple, loads quickly, gets me thinking without sending me off on 100 tangents. Haven't heard anything from you in quite a while. I hope all is well.