I found this branch in the street after a huge storm several years ago. I painted it with a spray and now it’s in my room all year round, but at this time of year it becomes the Christmas tree.

P.S. If you find some branches, check out this original idea at happy mundane.


  1. Original concept, I'd like that.

    ood continuation

  2. I just saw your banner & your Chritmas tree- very creative & very happymaking :) And i love even more that you've given the christmas colours a twist- beautiful!

  3. hi! it´s great your blog!!! we are also designers and we love the way you choose colors... awesome!
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    thank you:)

  4. Nice color theme for Xmas ! i have a big branch ( not very feng-shui , I'm sure , but I don't give a damn !)at home too, that I use all year round as well with my kids , and it is regularly decorated , for Easter , Halloween , Xmas and ...for no reason !