I'm going to use this idea for Christmas presents.A little bit of color and some nice aroma can make a boring white sugar such a great gift.For more inspiration ,visit Belle de Sucre

Making my desktop a better place...

As usual, my desktop was such a mess this morning,so i figured out a way to keep it more organized and exciting.If you have the same problem click here and download your favorite color combination,otherwise ,if you have some better idea please let me know,all suggestions are welcome.Have a great weekend

Metallic pink

Bold pink is not one of my favorite colors but it was everywhere around me these days ...
...cobbler shop


and coffee bar.I couldn't resist posting it.

Happiness is ...

...drying my dishes on the saturday morning!!!These beautiful towels from Skinny laMinx arrived much earlier than i expected .Just in time to bright up my housewife day.

Autumn cooking

It's holiday here so I enjoy the relaxing silence while trying some recipes from great site: Retro Food Recipes