in the postbox

Three postcards that I sent to Janine from Uppercase a long time ago... I have almost forgot my adventure with fragile mushrooms so I was very happy when I saw them again, still in one piece, in this beautiful issue .

here is what I brought back from the fair - all kind of ribbons that Ziggy would love, back in '73.
Have a nice weekend!

pepin press

Pepin's book is here and I'm in love!
Speaking of beautiful fabrics, I'm on my way to Milano UnicaIf you remember , my last year visit was a reason to start making necklaces - I'll be wearing this one today :)))

Have a nice day :)


I've bought this lovely book the other day, but than dicovered another one from Pepin Press which I like even more - 50s Fashion PEPIN Fashion, Textiles & Patterns 04 book is must have if you like textiles inspired by abstract geometrics, impressionist flowers and brush strokes, I'm on my way to buy it!


Working on some spring necklaces which will be in the shop soon.
 I hope you love this bright springish colors as much as I do!
Have a great week :)