it's lazy time of year here in Milan, the city is empty, no sounds, except from these birds...they are looking for a place to stay over night...
I'm admiring these beans from my friend's mother's garden, I was sorry to cook them all day , in the end hunger got the better, but the palette is saved :)

Every now and then, when I need to make some radical changes in my life, my passion for ceramic art comes out. I haven't bought any clay yet but I've been visiting some of my all time favorites and found this beautiful and inspiring video about Karin Eriksson's work by The Homegrown Swedes

and just before you can think it's as easy as a pie take a look at struggles of Mr. Juan MaƱosa's son
Have a nice and relaxing weekend!

the value of slowness

a few photos from last Sunday, a small place called Morimondo -member of cittaslow organisation and my favorite place to go, just half an hour from Milan and you are in the middle of corn fields ( I brought home 3 corn cobs ;)

slow animation

I saw Michel Ocelot's  films before and loved especially the ones inspired by the shadow theater and a work of animation pioneer Lotte Reiniger but somehow I've completely missed this unique masterpiece from 1980. I found it the other day via Jana and have to share it here too:
Les Trois Inventeurs

The tree inventors via Ethane Tivano on Vimeo.

Her food, please!

slow living,  beautiful photography, colors and compositions,  passion ... dedication and care ... vegetarian ... pure... in one word inspirational. Thank you Lakshmi  for such a nice blog! That Finnish soup will be on my menu next weekend i just have to find somewhere those lovely wild rose petals.

His eye for color please...

I've been seeing these beautiful vessels here and there over the web a lot, but since I'm becoming a victim of 3-second attention span (yes, I guess I'm becoming Pinterestaholic) I never checked who is the artist behind them...until this morning...and what a beautiful surprise: Ben Fiess , young ceramicist, living in rural Minnesota tending a farm; growing plants, keepings goats out of trouble, raising barns, and eating great food,  also  developing and sharing an online glaze and clay body database (thank you so much Ben, I hope to try all the recipes one day).
So stunning, so inspiring, so beautiful