More Burano palettes, finally here too :)


  1. Kristina, congrats on the new site, and Kami itself- the design is sophisticated, the products beautiful, you can tell that it really is the manifestation of lots of thought & hard work! lots of luck with it! Sara

  2. Kristina, I love your blog and many thanks for sharing these beautiful images. Can I ask how you make the colour charts at the bottom of photos? Do you visually identify all those colours and put them together or is there a software that recognises all those colours in a photo for you? I just started Life Drawing classes and I am having difficulty identifying different hues in skin. I will mix a "skin" colour and use the same more or less all over with different intensity but the teacher keeps asking me why I can't see blues, purples etc on the model's skin. :-) So I am really curious how you do your chart as I think it will be a good exercise for me. Thanks again. Sanna from HK