Happy holidays!

I'll be back in the beginning of August, have a great time, everyone!
Thank you for your comments,I hope Viola will love it ,too.She is a newborn baby so probably she still won't be able to see it very well :) Happy weekend!!!

I'm making a gift for a very small girl.
I can't share with you a whole image yet, otherwise I will spoil the surprise!

Abandoned boats

This is my absolutely favorite thing to do at this time of year (you know,like crochet in the winter).Truly fun!I've been making this boats for ages but I never shared this hobby with you,so I decide to post one boat a day here, until 1 july.Then I will sail away on my well-deserved holiday.I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do
as promised,here is my reorganized workspace,and two lovely things I found in the Flea Market, yesterday:enamel candle holder
and this Bitossi ram.I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw it in the huge amount of bolts,old mobile phones and Kinder surprise toys...I hope he likes his new home..


Thank you for your response,I'm really happy that you liked my new mushrooms.Here,on the left, is one of the rare things from the flea market that I don't like.Mostly because I didn't take a deeper look,it seemed old to me, but actually I believe it came from some grocery store shopping back in 1998.(it has a fake moth-eaten texture,too).
I've try to change the color and I still don't like it but, at least this lovely print from Sarah Parrott is finally framed after two years.
Hopefully, I'll be able to show you my renewed work space on Monday!
Happy weekend everyone!
More mushrooms will be added to the shop,soon...in the meanwhile, I bought Dianthus in the flower shop,which is not easy to find here,I never understood why ,maybe it has some strange meaning...I was wondering,does this flower symbolize something in particular in your country?