while waiting for spring... 1.Little garden -Tokujin Yoshioka for Moroso .I like the idea of drinking morning coffee with lavanda bush under the table
2.Chlorophylle by Racine Carrè. Lovely space saving solution for aromatic herbs if you have small kitchen as I do.
3.Tratturo by Lorenzo Palmeri .Actually it's a seasonal clock,the buckets are made to plant in sequence flowers and plants of the four seasons.
4.Grobal-self watering pots-this would solve most of problems my plant's have.
Have a great weekend!
A few more pics from Venice...we had a wonderful time and amazing weather...Wish you all a great weekend ,see you on Monday!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, my mum is coming to visit us tomorrow and I'm trying to make my flat all tidy and clean,which is not easy,at all.
p.s. I didn't miss occasion to buy this beautiful Holmegaard vase for the most incredible price ,I guess the seller hated that bright yellow with all his heart :)
I wish you a great week!
Look what an incredible surprise I've got this morning! Sara read about my fascination with Janos Kass,and she bought two wonderful books that she used to read as a child.I love every single page!

and, she translated all the titles ,thank you Sara so, so much!
I couldn't resist making stripes from this beautiful photos -from etsy seller Au Fil De (Via Lou & Tom)