small renovation project I've made this weekend for my friend's little girl. She was delighted by the possibility to hide her secrets inside the head of a french lady.


I was reading an interview with Philip Fimanno of Trend Union speaking about trends for 2009:
Folklore is the big trend for summer 2009. “Design itself is driving change. If anything is leading, it is industrial design, not fashion. Fashion is old-fashioned. Instead of leading, it is influenced by lifestyle design.”
2009’s trends are grouped into 16 forms of expression. “A decade ago, it may have been six.All have a common theme, but the greater number shows our yearning for diversity.”
The focus on folklore comes from fear of loss: Loss of ethnicity and what made each group distinctive. Loss of handmade skills and craftsmanship. Loss of the rural and the earth itself.

It makes me think of this painted house in Ghadames Libya,it seems to me like huge cross and stitch work.

One of the trends is Russia Song – Beet-, radish and forest-berry red with cross-stitch influenced by Rumania, Poiret, Matisse and Saint Laurent. I did a little web research and here are few items I like most

You can read all 16 trends here

holiday sketchbook-the end

I'm so happy you all liked my summer drawings and even if I'm coming back to a digital reality next week,this sketches are something that I would love to do more often. Many thanks for all the feedback and enthusiasm,
Have a great weekend!

Hello friends!

I'm back and it'was such a pleasure to read all your comments and mails,thank you!
My holiday was really in old mediteran style,so I tried to adapt myself,keeping my color diary without any digital device and making things with my hands.Here are some pages from my sketchbook,I will post more drawings tomorrow because some overflowing bags are yelling my name right now!