There has been a lot of talk on some of my favorites blogs lately about the folk art .Here is my contribution:Wycinanki -the polish art of paper cutting made by folk artist Malgorzata Belkiewicz

wedding favor boxes

One of my dearest friends is getting married and I'm making wedding favors boxes for her.Traditionally, in Italy ,this small box contain 5 sugar coated almonds wraped in tulle signifying: long life,health, wealth , happiness, and fertility.Finally I'll have a valid excuse to eat huge amount of almond candies!

P.S.It took me a whole day to make this pattern ,so if you like it ,I'll be happy to make your life easier .Click on the drawings below,save, print on thin cardboard,cut, fold edges and hook up the petals with each other.

As soon as I saw this beautiful VMC special edition I felt in love with cover design by Jacqueline Groag created in 1953.Puppet Ballet is reminiscent of early-20th century Soviet designs but also captures the spirit and optimism of design in mid-century decorative arts.(from cora ginsburg llc)

it makes me think of Russian Ballet and beautiful drawings by Léon Bakst

I haven't seen Rob's lovely shop because it's only open on weekends,but I found these lovely cakes to comfort mehave a great weekend!

This is London

This is book by M.Sasek.
This is where I'm going today!
These are shops that I would love to see:
Orla Kiely,
Lisa Stickley,
London Graphic Centre ,
Labour and Wait and Shelf (recommended by Francesca at Bloesem World Tour)
I'm coming back on tuesday and wish you great weekend!