paris gray

It's such a beautiful thing to wander like a vagabond under the sweet shadows of Parisien Grey. Together with my good friend rediscovering the pleasure to contemplate and fall for the delicacy and uniqueness of what artisans still can make with so much love. We have so much going on and I am so excited! I really can't wait to see it finally taking shape and share it with you all:)

petit dejéuner :)

What's your favourite breakfast food? I was dreaming this crunchy macaron for ages!

drawing a new path

Have you ever wondered "what if I wasn't all on my one while doing this?"
Well, I've been giving it a thought for a while now and then, while I was trying to paint this beautiful silk, guess what? My dear friend Bea is back from Shanghai, she wants me to go to Paris and have some talks...keep your fingers crossed for me, I am taking off