I will be on holiday next week (can't wait to see the sea and share the colours with you!),

...wish you wonderful weekend...
p.s.river boat which remind me Howl's Moving Castle
in the mail this morning: matchbox labels from Czechoslovakia! (via e-bay)
Sunday flea market finds: Color slides,I don't know exactly why do I bought them,I guess it's because of summer colors

taking care

of oregano,marjoram and thyme.I need to buy lavender and rosemary and my balcony will hopefully have Provence smell this summer...

Wish you all great weekend...
I'm loving these patterns made by seven young women behind Danish brand Nümph
and this one from Comptoir des Cotonniers
It's been raining for days and ten-day weather forecast seems like a bad joke.Luckily ,I found these wonderful Polish posters to brighten up my Monday.
above:Marian Stachurski
below:Maciej Zbikowski

Broad bean salad

I just discover young broad beans and I'm eating this salad almost every day (Vicia faba addiction?)
4 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
1 Tbsp. tahini
1 tsp. Dijon mustard
juice of 1 lemon
Mix the dressing with
some podded young broad beans (fresh or cooked for around 3 minutes)
rocket salad
1 or 2 fresh zucchini (cuted with a peeler)
Sprinkle with sesame seeds, salt and pepper

Have a nice weekend !

Children's digital library

If you love children's books this library is simply stuning,and if you are a mother living abroad,this is a great place to find books and stories from your youth to pass on to the next generation.Enjoy''Dear Children'' 1954, Autor -Dusan Radovic , Illustrator Djordje Milanovic ,Serbia

''Barefoot bride'' 2004, Author -Manuchehr Kaymaram ,Illustrator - Poopak Moghbeli, Iran

Bloesem on world tour

I’m thrilled to see my guest post on fantastic Bloesem world tour this morning! Take a peek into my favorite place in Milan here and don't miss other great places in Melbourne,New York and London.
Thank you Irene.


I had great time yesterday visiting Orticola flower show:


I'm in Rome for work,luckily I'll have some free time to test Angela’s and Kristina's city guides! See you soon.