To all of you who celebrate Christmas I hope you had a lovely time.I ate a lot of yummy food, saw A Christmas Carol on Tv (although this one is still my favorite) and enjoyed Santa Claus's gift (he must be reading this blog carefully :)))
See you in 2011!

last autumn colours, it's all white here today but I couldn't resist sharing these palettes :)
I wish you a lovely week!

Old blog

after three years of blogging  it's time for me to make some changes.The moment I started Kris's color stripes I was sure I would never make something fashion related again since my experience as fashion-designer working in the industry was exhausting, uninspiring and devastating for my creativity but slightly, thanks to this wonderful  medium and your incredible support my teen dream to make beautiful things for daily life come back again. The decision to move from this blog was hard but I wish to enjoy every moment of this transformation and need time to concentrate on my work a bit more. I still find my colour palettes useful and inspiring  so I will keep posting them on my new blog every Monday.
Thank you so much for your wonderful support and see you there on Mondays, to begin with.
p.s. Shop will be updated on December 1th, in the meantime you can find my necklaces in some lovely online shops like ShakShuka, Line+Liv or TinyBird
autumn flora

over the weekend...

our Besta looks more like Piet Hein Eek's work now.I'm so happy with a result and  only need  to buy few nice wooden  legs instead of these.

I used Studio Ditte wallpaper but  Piet's wallpaper is so beautiful, too,
p.s. flower kimono is another thing I was working on during the weekend... will show you as soon as I hang it
My dear friend and ex-roommate will stay at my place for a week, we are having so much fun working on few renewal projects for my home and dreaming a lot like in days when we were at school.
p.s. at that time we used to take a walk late at night on Wednesdays (it was a garbage day) and collect chairs, pots and lot of other stuff from the streets to repaint, repair and decorate our Indian inspired apartment :). I miss that, although I'm so happy we are not that penniless anymore
First on the list: chairs
last fotos from my summer house

bye bye sea, see you next summer...
I'm back! Collecting olives is much more difficult than I thought, so I slept almost all day yesterday and here are few photos from my working holiday.

 p.s. shop is updated!
I'm on my way to Croatia to pick the olives from our trees which has been abandoned for so long.We cut the weeds this summer and hopefully I'll bring back a lot of fresh olive oil.Our grove is here and there is no internet conection in such a place, so see you next Tuesday!

Just in case you love olive oil I think you might also love the idea of adopting an tree.Nudo oils are made from handpicked, cold-pressed and organically grown olives.Besides, this fabulos packaging is made of recycled materials.If I hadn't my olives Nudo would definitely be my choice
I wish you great week!!!

Many wool fabrics for me this winter..:)))
it's a little gift I bought for myself this morning...I'm still deciding which one should be skirt and which one the top ,but I'm feeling so happy already just to look at this colors (and to say bye bye to my ugly jeans & black sweater outfits soon)

for a nice shoes to match any outfit I just discovered Shoes of prey and love it so much
and I wish gloves from this beautiful shop - Brinja
so many things to do, but I just had to share this "autumn" day with you! It looks so fake but it was real, so much sun and blue blue sky..

silk painting

I went to the small hobby fair yesterday and I really liked silk painting booth of an Armenian lady, you could 'try before you buy' every color and technique like batik, tye and dye, salt ... I tried only the basic one and here is my 15 minutes trial piece. It's so quick and easy, the only bad part is that I should cook it in pressure cooker to fix the color (I'm so afraid of it, are you?)

On my wishlist:

Kenzo by Antonio Marras will be released on October 26 and I can't wait to put my hands on this book.
Pucci, Eley Kishimoto and Vera
Speaking of Kenzo, here is one of my favorite videos:

Kenzo PE06 Women from Frédéric Sofiyana on Vimeo.

I wish you a lovely weekend!
there was not much to be proud of my birth country lately...even if I don't feel patriotic at all, things like these hurt me a lot. To be completely honest with you I love and hate it, at the same time. Seeing this product design by Coba & Associates yesterday on theDieline make me feel more in LOVE

My favorite is Malena tube, liqueur with honey and fruits like sour cherry, raspberry and woodland strawberry made by RakijaBar .Great to have in your purse on a freezing winter day or to help you handle tough situations :)))
Love the chocolate with the street map, too