See you at the end of August!

I will be on this island for next four weeks.It should be "The Mediterranean as it once was" holiday, so I think that Internet will be a rarity.Have a wonderful time, my friends!
I like these delicate and simple patterns -East German packaging and product design 1949-1989,from Taschen
Pink grapefruit with Rosè wine - just perfect mix if you have to pack your bags and clean the appartment before living for much-needed holiday. Only four days left!

Stone grey

According to Vogue, jewellery will be supersized next season and I think these stones would be just perfect,too bad they are so heavy. 1,2 Hussein Chalayan 3 Louis Vuitton 4 Marni

I was trying to make a heart in my cappuccino this morning...and... there is no doubt...I will need a little practice to became good as Sammy Lin ...have a lovely weekend!

I am still in the fisherman's world, noticing wonderful colors and interesting shapes...