Thank you Santa Claus for beautiful nesting dolls by Ingela Arrhenius,

we much needed them on our bookcase

the plates are awesome too

and we are happy that you liked our tree

see you next year!


we thought it was time to show to my nephew were do eggs come from...

he was way too interested in flowers rather than ducks and chickens


our tiny garden is where I spend most of my time right now and it's also Adrian's favorite place to sleep.I collected some plants and I thought that this Karl Blossfeldt inspired fotos are the best way to preserve their beauty.


Our recent move from Milan to Belgrade and my growing belly kept me away from all the places I used to go for some instant inspiration and design news.The date I'll meet my baby boy is near so I'm spending this anxious time trying to find the best of on-line and budget friendly reports on trends , colors, materials etc.

Favorite at the moment:
Pantone View for color

Patternbank for pattern

Trend Tablet blog and WGSN blog for concepts and global news