This little fellow just wants to wish you a happy Monday!
p.s.he is still missing some polka dots on his tentacles ,but he insist on showing his face today.
Portuguese soaps to die for,hopefully in the bathtub full of bubbles...happy weekend.
Do you remember Neville's flickr page?Well,now he started his blog and I'm smitten!!Colours are amazing ,so I couldn't resist making a few stripes of it.Welcome Neville!
This is the first chapter in a series of composites. In this chapter we deal with the visual aesthetics of natural history and the beauty of decaying flora. On closer inspection its the beauty of flora in its stages of decay that deserves more attention.
Another incredibly inspiring japanese book...The name should be "creative correspondence" but I'm not quite sure (Akiko,we need your help)...have a nice weekend everyone!
p.s. book is available here

if you like a printed fabrics as I do,these japanese books about Furoshiki are real , so inspiring! I've took this,this, this and this one at Junku,japanese bookstore in Paris.There was so much more to buy,but that place became serious threat for my wallet

I will be in Paris for the rest of the week and I promise I will eat a lot of macaroons for you!

Have a great week/end!
I love this "mineral" look - Marni accessories A/W 2009-10

The most beautiful insect colection,on Neville Trickett's flickr page.

Check also his household objects and still life sets! thanks Neville

Another girl in love with a colorful insects:Anna Pag├Ęs's cards and notebooks on Etsy

wish you a wonderful weekend!