the bags are packed and I'm looking forward to seeing (and eating :) some real fish soon.See you in a few weeks!
p.s. in the meantime follow me on tumblr if you wish.   Have a good time!

face to face...heart to heart

I loved Elisabeth's post the other day and I came to a conclusion that I should show my face on this blog and that it's now or never.I thought what's so dificult about that in a first place...well, after one hour of tourturing myself in a front of a camera here are few phone shots that i feel comfortable about thanks to Pocketbooth
and few of my unsuccessful attempts to show you me in high resolution!

I was also wondering if I should photoshop-ise a little bit this last photo :)
How about you? Do you like to see blogger you share your? If you don't please take a part....I LOVE this one from Rike!

Colors on the go

I just downloaded Pantone app for smartphones and I love it so much! It's a perfect tool if you wish to note down color combos on the go, both manually or through image.So I wish you happy and colorful weekend :)