Design for babies and children

A brand-new company Ninetonine
Toys & Crayons
...A sleek line of oak or wenge,punctuated by pairs of differentsized holes, into which you can
suspend baby’s toys with removable wooden element inside,designed to organise all those crayons and drawing pencils.Of course, you don’t have to keep baby’s toys on the shelf and
crayons in the drawer: it’s contemporary design means it can be used for years to come...
...whose ‘head’, serves as both handle and also the perfect place for bottles,
dummies, or anything else you want close by, but out of baby’s reach, and rests on two sturdy yet elegant legs...


  1. what happened to your color swatches?! they were amazing and you did such a nice job of picking out beautiful color combinations! It always set your blog apart from all the other "design blogs".
    i miss them. i will keep coming back and reading in hopes to see more.

  2. Dear Anna,you may notice that I post my color stripes every 3 days or less,latest posts are just some extras dedicated to Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.It's a really huge design event, that's why I wanted to share it with you.
    New stripes are coming soon! :)

  3. Does anyone know if these are available now?! I think they are awesome!

    (different anna =)