Abandoned boats

This is my absolutely favorite thing to do at this time of year (you know,like crochet in the winter).Truly fun!I've been making this boats for ages but I never shared this hobby with you,so I decide to post one boat a day here, until 1 july.Then I will sail away on my well-deserved holiday.I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do


  1. Hi Kris
    I have some great boats too! One is metal,powered by a candle, where the heated air expands and pushes bubbles out the back- very old and cute. The other is a vintage wooden toy that you build up and then hit with a triggered "gun" and it explodes into it's many bits I will post them sometime.
    Sounds like you're having lots of fun!

  2. another string to your bow!

    i made boats today with my 2 year old daughter, we used curved bits of bark, twigs and lots of different shaped leaves for sails.. our voyage is next week!

    can't wait to see more!

  3. Love the boats at your other site. I'm looking forward to seeing the other ones.

  4. hmmm. says I have to be invited to view the blog linked to the boats. Please invite me.