my copy of the book Matyo roses just arrived,all about beautiful embroidery from Mezőkövesd - Hungary

and look at these hats, aren't they piece of art? (via Diane Kappa)


  1. I took an Embroiderer's Guild of America class in Kolocsa Flower embroidery. The middle pic of all the flowers look alot like the ones we did.

    I love Hungarian embroidery! Thanks for sharing


  2. Hi,
    A friend just emailed me and told me you posted one of my photos. I would like to thank you for giving me credit. Have you been to Hungary? I have lived here for over a year now and the rich folk culture was one of the drawing factors for my move to Hungary. I just love the Matyó embroidery and color! So inspiring!

  3. Wow. These hats are something. Boy... those Hungarians sure know how to embroider. I want to get my hoop and floss...

  4. I adore this book! Thinking of putting in a special order for it myself!

  5. These caps are gorgeous!
    Balkan-style is great!