Getting ready for a brand-new start

Here we are: Me and Beatrice, fully dedicated to beads painting…. oh my! We are so excited about this coming season….Everything will be brand new! A new colors palette, a new range of products, a new shop….

…. and, of course, a brand new name for this exciting project!
How did we come out with it?
Kami - a Japanese word Beatrice picked up for us - is Sense of Beauty, Place of Superlative Quality, Harmony of Colors , Joy and Love for Nature…
So what about The House?
We wanted to create a place that could evoke this sense of community and genuine sharing I am having here with you …. A temple of Beauty and Calm …..An intimate place where we all can meet to share ideas and thoughts or simply have a relaxing break…

So this is how we came out with this newborn logo, hope you like it :) !