-the most beautiful building-

The moment I stepped into this place memories came out in pictures: me holding my grandfather's hand and the exibition of minerals we were going to see..... probably 25 yers ago, or so...It use to be institute of Geology but the building was abandoned and used for film sets, parties (wild, I would tell) and all the mineralogy and petrology collections disappeared.... I'm so grateful to people from Mikser for introducing me to this building again

My small contribution to this incredible place will be the colour palettes , see you tomorrow for some colour inspiration!


  1. I got chills looking at these photos! Incredible!

  2. How does a building as beautiful as this just become abandoned? Oh to have the money to buy it.

  3. Geozavod je zadnji mesec popularan!
    baš sam razočarana, da ovakva divota umire